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1st Annual Report (2010)

Here you can View an Online copy or request a Printed copy.

Not so much an Annual Report but a Summary of our Activities for 2010, our plans for the future and
our effort to keep you informed of the possibilities that our greatly under-appreciated Lake can offer!

PLEASE NOTE: The Document below is an online copy of a Printed Brochure with high resoloution Photographs.
(It is a large PDF file and may be slow to download. Apologies... but we hope it’s worth the wait.
On any reasonable Broadband it should open straight away and fully load all 8 pages within 5 minutes,
after which you should be quickly able to flick through the document.)

LoughAllenBasin’s 1st Annual Report

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We have gone to considerable effort to produce this report and informational
brochure. We hope that it may show you much of interest about this very special place!

N.B. Printed Copies of this Brochure are AVAILABLE. CONTACT US with your details and we will send you a copy!

We appreciate your help now and would welcome you support in the future in establising Lough Allen
as a regionally important environment, fishing, and wildlife area.