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Photographing Lough Allen!

in association with Boyle Camera Club (24/10/2010)

We have great pleasure in reporting the names of the Winners in this recent photoshoot sponsored by LoughAllenBasin.com with the help of local and International partners. Boyle Camera Club have done an amazing job in portraying Lough Allen. In Autumn many of the rare Plants and Animals of the area are not available for study. Members did very well to find other items to photograph.

Selection of photographs was done on the basis of their relevance, their variety, and the insight and quality of the images produced. We made our choice diligently and together but it must be said that, with differing criteria, many other of the large collection of images submitted could have been winners. We really appreciate everyone’s commitment to this project and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed reviewing the fruits of your work.

David Farrell, LoughAllenBasin.com
Gerry Costello Photography,

Winners... Winners... Winners...


1st Prize...   ‘Bedrock’   Amy Clarke

2nd Prize...   ‘Reflections’   Norman Little

3rd Prize...   ‘Landscape’   Linda Duffy

Click2ENLARGE: All these Images enlarge. Just click a Picture. The image size is the size used by the Club to assess images. Larger files may be available for special purposes.


(The Images are the property of the Photographer. LoughAllenBasin.com has received the right to use these photographs to promote the work and the aims of the project.)






   Keen observation and good interpretation of rare
   Fossil bearing Carboniferous strata at
   north shore of Lough Allen



   Lough Allen landscape can be spectacular and this Image
   captures both the exspanse and the island
   forming process typical of the Lake.





   This charming landscape  reflects typical Alder carr
   fringe to the lake on a late Autumn day
   with calm water and rich reflections.




Other Awards: The 3 Entries below were deemed very relevant, very insightful, and very striking. As such they were Highly Commended...


Commendation for...Human Interest


Commendation for... Portraiture


Commendation for... Landscape

Image by: Margaret Dolan


Image by: Tommy Earley


Image by: Andy Rimmer








Special Prize for New Insight: ‘Fossil’ Susan Duffy




Future use of your Photographs:

The Image on the left just missed out on the main Prizes and Commendations but has been deemed to have made a unique scientific contribution to our awareness of Lough Allen. We were aware of Fossils in the Carboniferous Rocks of Lough Allen but had not see this fine specimen.

This is a Nautiloid, a free swimming Cephalopod (like our Squid and Octopus) from the shallow seas of the Lower Carboniferous. It is found in thin sandy strata representing shallow or estuarine water but close to deep water shale deposits... all around 300 million years ago! They have been around from 500mya to the the present.


We at LoughAllenBasin.com are very grateful to all members of the Boyle Camera Club who participated in this project, to Louise and Joe and other Committe members who organised and supported it.

This Page is just a quick way of showing off your skills! The Photographs here, and many of the other pictures submitted will be used in different pages and for different themes over the coming months. We particularly need to do more with the Geological, Geomorphology, Landscape and the Human Interest aspects of the superb Lough Allen environment.

For more pictures and an account of ‘the Day’, see Frances’s Report HERE! (Not yet linked!)






If you have other photographs not submitted for the contest, or larger files of existing photographs, we would be delighted to receive them for use on this Site. Just email them HERE.

We appreciate your help now and would welcome you support in the future in establising Lough Allen
as a regionally important environment, fishing, and wildlife area.

This event was sponsored by LoughAllenBasin.com, The Ramada Hotel Lough Allen, Outdoor Photography, and the Carrick Cineplex.