Lough Allen Basin



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This Site explores a specific area of north west Ireland, shows off its great attractions and suggests some ideas for Conservation of the Environment and developing high level employment for people living in the area



The Natural Environment: The Place / Birdlife / Unique Flora / Pollan / Conservation

This page just presents some small size Images of Nature and Landscape of Lough Allen. Join us on a quick tour!

Landscape: Clouds, Water and Alder Carr in Spring at Spencer Harbour.




Ancient relaives... a Reptile and a fish-eating Bird!


Viviparous Lizard. Ireland’s only native reptile.


Red-breasted Merganser
A diving duck that breeds in small numbers in Lough Allen




Speckled Wood in early Summer


Eastern shore with Shingle and Alder trees colonising the Beach.

Alder Carr is typical of Lough Allen. It is the name given to long, often narrow, bands of Alder trees fringing the shoreline in many places. This reflects Alders ability to grow in water, and to fix nitrogen, so it can grow in poor or no soil. It provides an important habitat for many of Lough Allens plants and animals and is responsible for stabilising the shore and providing Lough Allen with its distinctive landscapes




Marsh Marigold in among the Alders





Interesting Mammal, the Pine Marten, common around Lough Allen




Common Dog Violet growing along the Shore.





Blackcap. A resident Warbler found in Alder and other thick woodlands around Lough Allen




You are being watched... by a local Large Red Damselfly!





Wood Sorrel from the west shoreline




Ducks and sailboats, the Lough Allen idyll!





Small  Weevil exploring his (her) Environment




Silverwashed Fritillary found in woodlands around Lough Allen





The rare ‘special plant for Lough Allen’, the Irish Lady’s Tresses





Fishermen at work on Lough Allen near Drumshanbo