Thoughts on
Environment and Employment in the Lough Allen basin.


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This is a Summary of the Full Proposal. The summary very brief and contains some images intended to provoke thought rather than represent any defined outcome!

Please, let us have your comments, suggestions, and support. Diffilcult task and difficult times, but we need new jobs in Leitrim.



By chosing Clean Technology and High Tech employment...


We have already suggested a ‘No Pipes’ policy. No inflow or outflow from the lake, all effluent to be fully processed on land, and dispersed into ground adequate to contain it.

This would be just one of a whole series of pillars that would need to be put in place between Industry, the County Council, and the Community, if we were even to consider campaigning for a major new ‘knowledge economy’ employer for the area.

Technology is our ally! Not only is the work envisaged now feasible in Leitrim but modern technology can ensure that the Lake is also cherished and kept cleaner than ever before. Remember Lough Allen has been the basis for much heavier Industry in the past!