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Conce pt origin in wish to conse rve L. Allen?



Conce pt origin in wish to conse rve L. Allen?

Click Arro w to proce ed! All the followi ng pages have a simila r struct ure. We pose a questi on witho ut an answe r, so that you may focus on the issue. Then, when you click the Arrow on the left, a new page with explan ations and illustr ations will appea r.


Conce pt origin in wish to conse rve L. Allen?

Why Cons erve Loug h Allen ?

This propo sal come s from a long perio d of appre ciatio n of Lough Allen at all seaso ns, and a more recen t conce rn as to wher e it is going . We respo nded to Cons ultati on Proce dures on Herit age, and the Devel opme nt of Lough Allen. The conce pt of meeti ng 2 great goals (i.e. conse rvatio n and job creati on) evolv ed from consi derin g the needs of the area.

Lough Allen is the highe st lake on the Shan non syste m, prese rves many natur al chara cteris tics, has uniqu e qualit ies, and is beaut iful!

For these reaso ns alone it deser ves to be conse rved as the peace ful amen ity it now is...


What is Propos ed?

This intera ctive Synop sis highli ghts the aims of the propo sal, “Thou ghts on Envir onme nt and Emplo ymen t in the Lough Allen basin. ” (Click Arrow. )


What is Propo sed?

We are prom oting the idea of a large Facilit y in the Lough Allen area provi ding totall y clean year round empl oyme nt in the ‘know ledge econo my’.

This will, hopef ully, secur e the lands cape and wildlif e of the area, as well as provi de long term high qualit y empl oyme nt for peopl e living in the localit y.




Irish Lady’s Tresses, a vulnerab le and rare and beautiful orchid found along Lough Allens shores.


Why link Envir onme nt & Emplo ymen t?

An explan ation of how the idea of amalg amati ng the goals of enviro nment al protec tion and job creati on, came about.

Some peopl e may find the idea of social develo pment and conser vation as incom patibl e. We don’t! We think that the ‘right type of enterp rise’, proper ly mana ged with the enviro nment respec ted, can enhan ce the area for everyo ne.


Why link Envir onme nt & Emplo ymen t?

To add furthe r value to Lough Allen and cause it to be regar ded as a super b asset in both envir onme ntal and social /empl oyme nt terms .

Incre ased com merci al use of Lough Allen by boati ng, marin a devel opme nt, comp etitiv e recre ation al use... may dama ge the Lake, the tranq uility of the area, water qualit y, fish and wildlif e.

Apart from a mode st incre ase in traffic , we do not believ e that a presti gious Enter prise based on the lake shore will have any harmf ul affect on the Lake and will simpl y add... a new positi ve dime nsion!

If you disag ree, we’d love to hear from you!


How can Jobs help prote ct Lough Allen?

How we see having peopl e perma nently workin g in the area can help the enviro nment of Lough Allen.


How can Jobs help prote ct Lough Allen?

If a presti gious ‘camp us’ is based at Lough Allen the surro undin g envir onme nt will be prote cted and possi bly the whole lake.

The exam ple show n is the Natio nal Muse um prope rty at Castl ebar. A striki ng buildi ng but a differ ent type of Envir onme nt.

(We are not advoc ating exactl y this type of buildi ng.)


What sort of emplo ymen t shoul d we seek?

The plan envisa ges largel y gradu ate emplo yment to compl ement and diversi fy exstin g work opport unitie s in the area. (Click Arrow to see types of skills neede d.)


What sort of emplo ymen t shoul d we seek?

Grad uate empl oyme nt for Desig ners, Engin eers, IT and profe ssion al and com munic ations peopl e in all spher es, produ cing techni cal produ cts or servic es in the ‘know ledge econo my’,


How can we guara ntee a ‘Clean ’ facilit y?

In the main policy docum ent and in earlier consul tation , this propo sal recogn ises that conse rving the Envir onme nt is of prime impor tance .

How can this be ensur ed?


How can we guara ntee a ‘Clean ’ facilit y?

We have alrea dy sugge sted a ‘No Pipes’ policy . No inflow or outflo w from the lake, all efflue nt to be fully proce ssed on land, and dispe rsed into groun d adeq uate to contai n it.

This would be just one of a whole series of pillars that would need to be put in place betw een Indus try, the Count y Coun cil, and the Com munit y, if we were even to consi der camp aignin g for a major new ‘know ledge econo my’ empl oyer for the area.

Techn ology is our ally! Not only is the work envis aged now feasib le in Leitri m but mode rn techn ology can ensur e that the Lake is also cheris hed.


Can such an Emplo yer be attrac ted?

New emplo yment is still being attrac ted to other parts of Irelan d. On the day this propo sal was launch ed 450 simila r type jobs were annou nced for Dublin . Why not Leitri m?


Can such an Emplo yer be attrac ted?

We think it can!

Irelan d is still attrac ting a good level of inwar d invest ment. The HMH anno unce ment for Dubli n has been enor mousl y encou ragin g. Our pictur e show s some of the major Comp anies (Irish and Inter natio nal) who are based succe ssfull y in Irelan d.

Can we attra ct some Busi ness es of this calib re to the Loug h Allen area ?

It is a time for chang e, new plans, and being ready when the econo my starts to grow again .

Leitri m has huge adva ntage s; we need to prepa re and we need to prom ote the area!



Has Leitri m receiv ed less than its fair share of inward invest ment. Have peopl e in Leitri m not been dema nding enoug h? There seems to be NO GOOD REAS ON why Leitri m should not get a major jobs boost!



No reaso n! Some devel opme nt will be need ed (Broa dban d) but we are only 2 hrs from Dubli n by Train or Car and have many adva ntage s other areas strug gle to matc h. See Secti on IV of Propo sal.

We feel that Leitri m is often perce ived as being isolat ed. It is NOT! One of the things that attrac ted us to Leitri m was its tranq uility but also it’s proxi mity to Dubli n. And it’s gettin g closer all the time.

High qualit y acces s, abun dant reaso nable housi ng, and a welco me to Inves tors, make s Leitri m a key locati on!

Possi bly, over seas Inve stors just don’t kno w that?


What advan tages does Leitri m have?

Numer ous very compe lling ones actual ly. Maybe these are overlo oked or not broug ht to the attent ion of Invest ors or future Emplo yees? Some of the advan tages are listed on the next page.. .


What advan tages does Leitri m have?

Loads of Adva ntage s:

Plent y of space , uncon geste d roads , availa ble land, traine d workf orce who may wish to settle here, lower costs of living , great er empl oyee satisf action .

Hous ing, Hous ing, Hous ing...

And one major adva ntage ( which peopl e living in this area may not fully appre ciate) ; we have a huge variet y of reaso nable price d housi ng ready to go for famili es movi ng into or retur ning to this locati on.

The pictur e on the right was taken mid Septe mber (2008 )



Than k you for taking the time to read this Synop sis. The full propo sal is repro duced at this locati on: www. rhymi ampu s.htm

Any comm ents, sugge sions or suppo rt would be welco med by eMail HERE.

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