Thoughts on
Environment and Employment in the Lough Allen basin.


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This is a Summary of the Full Proposal. The summary very brief and contains some images intended to provoke thought rather than represent any defined outcome!

Please, let us have your comments, suggestions, and support. Diffilcult task and difficult times, but we need new jobs in Leitrim.



Leitrim has much to offer!


No reason! Some specific requirements may be needed but we are only 2 hrs from Dublin by Train or Car and have many advantages other areas struggle to match. See Section IV of Proposal.

We feel that Leitrim is often perceived as being isolated. It is NOT! One of the things that attracted us to Leitrim was its tranquility but also itís proximity to Dublin. And itís getting closer all the time.

High quality access, abundant reasonable housing, and a welcome to Investors, makes Leitrim a key location!

Possibly, overseas Investors just donít know that?