Thoughts on
Environment and Employment in the Lough Allen basin.


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This is a Summary of the Full Proposal. The summary very brief and contains some images intended to provoke thought rather than represent any defined outcome!

Please, let us have your comments, suggestions, and support. Diffilcult task and difficult times, but we need new jobs in Leitrim.



Conservation or Employment?


Why Conserve Lough Allen?

This proposal comes from a long period of appreciation of Lough Allen at all seasons, and a more recent concern as to where it is going. We responded to Consultation Procedures on Heritage, and the Development of Lough Allen. The concept of meeting 2 great goals (i.e. conservation and job creation) evolved from considering the needs of the area.

Lough Allen is the highest lake on the Shannon system, preserves many natural characteristics, has unique qualities, and is beautiful!

For these reasons alone it deserves to be conserved as the peaceful amenity it now is...