- An occasional series of longer Reports and Studies -

“A Lough Allen winter.”

December 2010

“Lucky to live in such a beautiful place and lucky
to be able to enjoy an extremely harsh early winter (-16° C)...
This page is a collection of photographs taken around the lake
in the course of a remarkable month.

So much snow and ice transformed the Lake into a barren
exspansive almost foreign landscape, very unusual for Ireland.
Like the Orchids (Spiranthes sp.) we cannot assume we will see
such a sight again... so we tried to catch this special
time in this series of images...”

Happy New Year!

One cold day...




... across a frozen Lake.



Teeth of Snow!



Islands frozen to the Land.



Summer seeds in a harsh Winter...



... a rock cracked by Ice!


Frozen shore, still lake, a cold Sun!



Cold Shoreline and Iron Mountain...


A land of still water, ice-trapped Islands, and waiting woodlands...


... ancient Wood caught in the Snow!



Two worlds passing...



Stark trees... amazing sky!



Only the Windmills are moving.


Frozen Harbour and frozen Fog.





A place of growling and moaning Ice!


Early evening... freezing hard.



Snow and Ice covers the shore...



Lough Allen Carr... or Siberia?





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