Thoughts on
Environment and Employment in the Lough Allen basin.


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This is a Summary of the Full Proposal. The summary very brief and contains some images intended to provoke thought rather than represent any defined outcome!

Please, let us have your comments, suggestions, and support. Diffilcult task and difficult times, but we need new jobs in Leitrim.



So why campaign for New Employment?


New Employment would add further value to Lough Allen and cause it to be regarded as a superb asset in both environmental and social/employment terms. What are the alternatives?

a) Increased commercialisation of Lough Allen by boating, marina development, competitive recreational use... may damage the Lake, the tranquility of the area, water quality, fish and wildlife. Maybe one of the great Shannon Lakes should be preserved in a very natural state?

b) Apart from a modest increase in traffic, we do not believe that a prestigious Enterprise based on the lake shore will have any harmful affect on the Lake and will simply add... a new positive dimension! It will also generate much more year round Employment.

If you disagree, wed love to hear from you!