Lough Allen Basin

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Environment & Employment
This Site explores a specific area of north west Ireland, shows off its great attractions and suggests some ideas for Conservation of the Environment and developing high level employment for people living in the area



Environment: The Place / Birdlife / Unique Flora / Pollan / Conservation

This Site is very much divided into 2 strands. One, concentrating on the Environment and Environmental Research (with a view towards Conservation) and, the other concentrating on proposals for creating High Tech. Employment.


Environmental Topics


  • The Place, Images of our Environment.
  • Unique Flora. (The Orchid, Irish Lady’s Tresses)
  • World Distribution of the Lough Allen rare Orchid.
  • Pollan.
  • Birds of Lough Allen.
  • Trips around Lough Allen (TALA). Reports and observations of wildlife around Lough Allen
  • Possible Conservation Initiatives.