Trips & Studies around Lough Allen
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Trips around Lough Allen


TALAís are an occasional record and collection of Images of a trip or a project in the Landscape and Nature in and around Lough Allen. Encompassing both its unique flora, fauna, and landscape, as well as its commoner but nonetheless important wildlife.








1. Mudwort


A small and rare shore Plant occasionally seen around Lough Allen



2. Lough Allenís Carboniferous Coast


Hard to find bedrock around Lough Allen. Hereís some!



3. Inishfale


An interesting place with historical, flora and fauna interests.



4. Greenshank


A migrating Wader bird vists Lough Allen



5. Mergansers and Common Gulls


2 interesting Birds from the north end of the Lake.



6. Common Sandpipers


A charismatic and successful breeder!



7. Mergansers_ courtship and distribution


Images and information on the breeding of this typical L. Allen bird.



8. A Lough Allen Flower meadow.


Full of colour, variety, and some rare species!



9. Gulls, Terns and Waders


Bird conservation needs.



10 Shoreline Flowers of Lough Allen


Unique, rare, small, beautiful... flowering plants from the shores of Lough Allen



11. SPIRANTHES 2010 in Map and Pictures


Distribution of Irish Ladyís Tresses and some photographic portraits from this year.



12 Royal Fern


Photographic study of the superb Royal Ferns on the north shore.



13. Bog Life


A study in Pictures of a Raised Bog near Lough Allen



14. A very odd Flower!


Another elusive Orchid from Lough Allen, possibly a cross between two species?.



15. A Mountain Habitat


A trip around The Playbankís cliffs and plants. (North east of Lough Allen)



17. Whimbrel


Some Wading Birds on passage through Lough Allen.



18. Small White Orchids


Groups of this elusive species from the hills above Lough Allen



19. Summer Landscapes


1 pleasant day, Summer 2012, a collection of Landscape Photos from Lough Allen.




Detailed on-going Studies of a particular Species from Lough Allen.








Common Tern (13th October 2011)


A portrait with many Photographs of the Common Terns in Lough Allen.



Red-breasted Merganser (5th December 2011)


An on-going Study of Mergansers on Lough Allen and their migration to the Sea.



Spiranthes romanzoffiana, Irish Ladyís Tresses


Lough Allenís extremely rare Orchid.



    An occasional Series of special Environment Features


More in-depth articles based on days, months, or years of research.








EF1 (16th November 2010)


The Islands of Lough Allen (incorporating the Pictures of The Boyle Camera Club



EF2 (15th December 2010)


1st Annual Report - or a Promotional Brochure for Lough Allenís Wildlife



EF3 (4th January 2011)


A Lough Allen winter - pictures celebrating our arctic December (2010)



EF4 (6th March 2011)


Spring around Lough Allen / Sustainable Home Heating!



EF5 Spring Flowers (31st May 2011)


A Collection of Spring Flowers from Lough Allen



EF6 (16th December 2010)


Bird Report for 2010



EF7 (7th. July 2011)


Lough Allen Water: Both its Quality and the possible Risks of deterioration.



EF8 (16th. May 2012)


MOTHS - Small sample of the wide variety of Moths in our countrside.


If you have any interesting records of animals or plants from the Lough Allen basin, we will be very pleased to reproduce them here.