Lough Allen Basin

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Environment & Employment
This Site explores a specific area of north west Ireland, shows off it’s great attractions and suggests some ideas for Conservation of the Environment and developing high level employment for people living in the area



Employment Section: Policy Document / Summary / Ireland / Leitrim / High Tech. / Lisbon

This Site is very much divided into 2 strands. One, concentrating on the Environment and Environmental Research (with a view towards Conservation) and, the other concentraing on proposals for creating High Tech* Employment. Here we want to introduce the idea of a Search for Employment that suits the specific needs of the area and the Community and which will thrive with the unique resources and facilities available in the area.

* We are using the description ‘High Tech Employment’ to cover a multitude of terms currently in vogue, such as knowledge based Economy, Smart Economy, the Information Society. High Tech employment will employ many graduates and produce services or advanced products based on the training and ability of its workforce.



Employment for the Area.

  • Environment and Employment in the Lough Allen Basin: POLICY DOCUMENT
  • Quick Glance SUMMARY (of above Proposal)
  • Appropriate High Tech. Employment in this area.
  • The benefits of Basing in Ireland. (National Agencies)
  • The benefits of Siting in Leitrim. (Local Job Creation agencies)
  • Lisbon Treaty for Employment and Environment