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This Site explores a specific area of north west Ireland, shows off its great attractions and suggests some ideas for Conservation of the Environment and developing high level employement for people living in the area



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Q. Lough Allen Basin as a Centre for employment?

Reasons for locating High Tech Employment here?

We believe the main reason why an Inward Investor should consider settling in the Lough Allen Basin is the quality of the Environment, the ease of getting around, and the available and well trained workforce that have grown up in the area.

  • Workforce: Lough Allen area and Co. Leitrim has one of the highest level of 3rd level graduates in Ireland. Many would be happy to return to live and work in the area.
  • Infrastructure: Excellent road (N4) to Dublin. Good roads to other Cities. Some local roads need upgrading but traffic levels are low and commutes are easy. Dublin , Ireland West and Belfast Airports are all within 2 hours. Numerous routes and flights available to Britain, Europe, and North America. Train: (Dublin-Sligo line) Station at Carrick on Shannon. An efficient modern service with 7 trains per day between Sligo and Dublin.
  • Utilities: Broadband available most parts of the County through a variety of sources. High speed fibre link runs through the County. Electricity and phone connections readily available. Alternative Energy sources (Wind) are being exploited at a significant level nearby and renewable energy is available at a discount. So, a synergy is possible between modern High Level Employment and best practice in Environmental Conservation.
  • Environment: Conducive to knowledge based/research and development type of facility; peace and quiet, far from interference and crowds yet only a couple of hours from the capital.


Support for New Enterprises in Co. Leitrim.

Leitrim County Enterprise Board. Support and advice to all new business in Leitrim, with local information and know-how. Details of grants and training available. Depending on the size of proposed business, may refer on to other agencies (see below).

Enterprise Board. Dublin based, but would deal with larger business interests in all counties of Ireland.

IDA, North West. Dealing with FDI and other large companies wishing to set up in the area. The main body to deal with for major grants and other Government help available.