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This Site explores a specific area of north west Ireland, shows off its great attractions and suggests some ideas for Conservation of the Environment and developing high level employement for people living in the area



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Q. Why is ireland so tightly associated with Europe?

Ireland votes YES to Lisbon

Yesterday Ireland held a Referendum of all its people on whether or not we approve the Lisbon Treaty as the way forward for the European Union. Almost all contries of Europe have now ratified Lisbon.

Ireland, for consitutional reasons, had to have a National plebiscite in order to ratify this International agreement.

TODAY, the result is out...

IRELAND has strongly endorsed the LISBON Treaty!

We are unashamedly delighted with this.

LoughAllenBasin.com has been campaigning for both Conservation and Employment creation in this area of north west Ireland. A main element of the successful National campaign has been...

YES to Lisbon ; Yes to Jobs!

We, for our part, are actively campaigning for new employement for our areas under 2 Categories:

1. High Tech Employment (for highly trained, technically people in science, engineering, IT, Design and Business)

2. Conservation of Lough Allen and district. (A new detailed Plan is presently being drafted. Contact us for Details.)

Both of these initiatives will be greatly helped and supported by the EU, by its LIFE Nature Conservation programme, by its support for Employment, Science and Technology, and Ireland’s low corporate tax structure.

So, a Day to Celebrate, October 3rd, 2009. With EU support and your support let’s campaign for new employment for the Lough Allen area.



The Lisbon Treaty: Ireland’s place in Europe.

Ireland  was one of the 2nd tranch of members of the EU, joining at the same time as Britain and Denmark to bring the original 6 to 9. Ireland has had a pivotal role in Europe ever since, contributing to policy development, peace keeping, and the evolution of the single European Market which has proven so beneficial to both the Irish and European economy. The 9 is now 27 and the Lisbon Treaty (which Ireland had a big part in negotiating) is now vital to manage such a large bloc.

  • Lisbon Treaty and Business. This treaty is vital in keeping a cohesive European market of 500 million people. This is the biggest trading entity in the world and we are very fortunate in being able to trade into it free of tarriffs. This is a key fundamental reason for the huge surge in the Irish economy over the past 12 years.
  • The Lisbon Treaty is widely accepted. The rest of Europe has now ratified this Treaty, mainly through Parliamentary votes. Ireland has a Consitutional requirement to consult its people through Referendum later this year. An earlier Referendum on the issues was defeated even though the vast majority of people in Ireland are totally committed to Europe and the huge benefits it has brough to this country. Following certain guraantees on particular issues, it is now expected the Ireland will adopt the Lisbon Treaty.
  • Irish support for Lisbon is shown by all National political parties (bar one) urging a YES vote. This support is because we cherish our role as a small independent State prospering and contributing to a massive economic power. Also, our Manufacturing and Service Industries now trade all around Europe and the wider world; we are a net exporting Nation and we need a solid and functioning Market to consolidate our future and continue the upward growth in employment. The dissenting Irish political party is Sinn Féin which has done sterling work in Northern Ireland in participating in the power sharing Government there. We wish they would change their policy on the Lisbon Treaty and have lobbied one of their members and a Fianna Fáil deputy (the main Governing party) to promote the idea of negotiated change of policy. This submission is reproduced below but it is quite long and detailed and very specific to the complicated world or Irish politics.
  • More about Lisbon and Irish economic development. Here are some Sites that provide information on the Treaty and who is supporting it and why!


Information on Treaty and those Advocating it.

European Commission in Ireland.

Main Irish political parties Links to follow. These links are to parties Web Pages or Press Releases outlining Party thinking on Lisbon. Fianna Fáil and The Greens (a slightyly outdated but comprehensive Policy Document) are the Parties of Government at present. Fine Gael and The Labour Party also support a YES vote on the Lisbon Treaty Parties. Sinn Féin are alone in opposing the Treaty. We think they are wrong in this and have lobbied a local Councillor who is actively promoting the idea of new employment for this area. Sinn Féin must also be respected for their sterling work in bringing about and operating a Power Sharing Government in Northerm Ireland. We just are convinced that the Lisbon Treaty will make the island of Ireland more attractive for even further inward investment in Hight Tech Employment, and wish Sinn Féin would see this?

Irish Business & Economic Bodies. IDA (Industrial Development Authority) ICTU (Irish Council of Trade Unions), IBEC (Irish Business and Employers Federation), the American Chamber of Commerce, the Small Firms Association, Chambers Ireland, Construction Industry Federation and the Irish Exporters Association, Farmers’ Associations (IFA and ICMSA).