Lough Allen Basin

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This Site explores a specific area of north west Ireland, shows off itís great attractions and suggests some ideas for Conservation of the Environment and developing high level employement for people living in the area



Irish Ladyís Tresses: The Place / Birdlife / Unique Flora / Pollan
The name of this rare species is very fanciful. .. romantic Botanists, eh? It refers to the fact that at the peak of their flowering the flowers are arranged in a spiral, like a lock of long (white) hair! The sheer rarity of this orchid and its presence in Lough Allen highlights the unique environment of the area.



Lough Allen Survey

(Summer 2008)


Large scale Distribution Map of whole Lake
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Plotting of Species distribution:       

            David & Frances Farrell

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Map below covers all shores of Lough Allen; reference to Ďeastí in Legend is being corrected.